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During the COVID 19 pandemic, we are still seeing new and current patients in our clinics and we are now also providing remote consultations through video conferencing. Please call our offices to schedule a consultation.

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Suboxone Doctors

What we treat

Our practice is focused on the Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) of opiate addiction. The cornerstone of our practice focuses on the use of Buprenorphine, the main therapeutic agent in medications such as Suboxone, Subutex, and others. Suboxone therapy is designed to help you overcome your addiction to opiates.

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Outpatient Drug Treatment Center

Why Choose Us?

At National Suboxone Doctors  we specialize in helping patients with opiate addiction. Through customized recovery plans, flexible hours, friendly service and a convenient outpatient treatment program. We’re here to help you retake control of your life. 

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