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During the COVID 19 pandemic, we are still seeing new and current patients in our clinics and we are now also providing remote consultations through video conferencing. Please call our offices to schedule a consultation.

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Dr. Simon Clark

Opioid Help Center

Dr. Clark

Midwest Health Centers Dr. Clark is a board certified physician with 8 years of experience in clinical and emergency medicine. He is passionate about helping his patients thought their emergencies, and doing what he can to improve their lives. A
few years after Dr. Clark finished his training, he lost his brother to an opiate addiction. Soon after this, he developed a connection with patients suffering from this profoundly disabling disease, and decided to do more.
He views addiction as an emergency. He prides himself in creating an environment free of judgement. An environment where his patients can not only discuss medicinal solutions to addiction, but also address the underlying factors that lead to that addiction.

UNDERGRADUATE: University of Kansas
MEDICAL SCHOOL: Kansas City University of Medicine
RESIDENCY: Louisiana State University- Baton Rouge, Emergency Medicine